Revelations maintains a comprehensive, ever-growing, proprietary database of over 20,000 candidates, constantly updating each candidate’s profile with new information.
We actively reach out to carefully screen candidates, and never passively advertise open positions.
Our team is immersed in the marketplace at all times, and understands the skill-set required to fill each position.
We do not stop digging until we have found the perfect candidate, and we take pride in our tenacity to fill positions.

At Revelations, we believe the best way to find the optimal candidate is by knowing the client’s business as if we are part of its management group. Our process is most effective when we have access to key staff and involves asking many questions.
We aim to completely understand our clients’ company, from its culture, to the career path of the position, to the people our candidates will be reporting to and working with. We use this information to screen candidates so that we present only genuinely qualified and informed candidates.
We have a reputation of being trustworthy with confidential information and promise to never recruit employees away from our clients. In contrast to our competitors, Revelations never relies on rookie “researchers” to screen candidates.

We provide a steadfast, savvy recruiter with intimate knowledge of the client’s needs to handle the entire recruitment process.
In turn, we are able to ensure:

  • No downtime in trying to understand your business or the position to be filled
  • No unproductive time training a researcher in the ways of a client
  • No unnecessary meetings
  • No conflicts